Monash Children’s Cancer Centre

The Monash Children’s Cancer Centre is an integral part of the new Monash Children’s Hospital and cares for approximately 30% of Victoria’s childhood cancer patients. Monash Children's oncology and haematology service is delivered in the Monash Children’s Cancer Centre. Here  preeminent care and treatment for infants, children and adolescents with cancer and haematological conditions is provided. The new centre has nine dedicated cancer inpatient beds and a comprehensive, multidisciplinary outpatient service with 12 day treatment beds. The centre has facilities suitable for general anaesthetic provision to allow minor procedures to be performed in a familiar environment. Monash Children's Cancer Centre provides an integrated multidisciplinary team of specialist medical, nursing, psychosocial and allied health professionals provide care and services to meet the clinical, physical, social and psychological needs of patients and parents. This multidisciplinary approach is directed towards maximising quality of life outcomes associated with cancer treatments and long-term survivorship.

Paediatric Oncology/Haematology Clinical Fellow program

Providing a robust training program for clinicians is fundamental to the development of future expertise, career progression, service growth and the delivery of best care. However, in the past 15 years the Monash Children’s Cancer Centre service profile has changed dramatically. From a very small service, managing around 10 new patients a year with a team of five we are now seeing approximately 60 new patients a year and have a comprehensive team of around 30 health professionals across multiple disciplines. The Clinical Fellow works as a central part of the clinical team providing day to day medical care as part of the treatment team, under the direction of the Senior Medical Team.

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